Tolerance vs. Pride? Spat on by parade-goers, Catholic priest has this message

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There were g-strings galore at Gay Pride celebrations across the fruited plain as scantily-clad celebrants took to the streets to herald the Supreme Court’s decision to redefine marriage.

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Supporters of LGBTQI and A marriages waved rainbow-colored flags from San Francisco to New York City.

Unfortunately – the festivities in the Big Apple turned ugly.

Instead of responding with anger Father Jonathan responded with grace.

Father Jonathan Morris – was walking near Broadway — wearing his cleric’s collar – when he stumbled up the Gay Pride Parade.

Father Jonathan, who is also a Fox News contributor, tweeted what happened:

“Two men walked by and spat on me,” he wrote.

They spit on a priest!

What kind of a person hurls their sputum at a priest? What kind of a human being does that?

But instead of responding with anger Father Jonathan responded with grace.

“The two men who spat on me are probably very good man (sic) caught up in excitement and past resentment,” he wrote. “Most in that parade would not do that.”

He dismissed their act of ugliness as simply being caught up in the moment.

“Oh well, I deserve worse,” he wrote.

In a way it’s a modern-day parable – those who preach tolerance are the least tolerant of all.

But Father Jonathan demonstrated that he not only preaches tolerance – he practices it.

A lesson for us all.

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