There's nothing wrong with a crush. My message for Florida boy in trouble over love note

That girl. Oh my goodness that girl.

The one who makes you goofy and stumble over the words in your mouth and trip over nothing.

That girl is the reason a boy lives, and the bane of his existence as well.

Do you understand the guts it takes to tell that girl ... anything? The planning? The leap of faith? I’m sweating just remembering!

It is not weird or silly or mean to tell a girl that she is pretty. It is indeed very sweet and kind to tell a girl that her eyes sparkle.

There is a young boy in Florida who took that leap of faith recently, and has fallen victim to the absurdity which is zero tolerance.

We don’t know his name -- I’ll call him “Braveheart” --  but we do know he is 9-years-old, and has a crush on a girl in school.


Braveheart, gentle smitten soul that he is put pen to paper to tell his sweetheart how her “...eyes sparkle like diamonds.”

His pure little heart was filled with such awe and innocent attraction that he risked rejection from the girl, but instead of merely being let down, this poor kid has been humiliated in front of the whole school (and that means his world).

Somehow, word of the love note got out to the other students, and according to his mom, they taunted Braveheart about “wanting to see her naked.”

So what did the principal do? Give him comfort? Rebuke the students for piling on our hero? No. The principal -- I’ll call her Dreamcrusher -- has labeled the boy and his note as ‘inappropriate,” and warned him that if he ever dare express his affection in such a tawdry way again, she’d have him charged with sexual harassment.

Sexual. Harassment. 9-years-old. “Eyes sparkle like diamonds.”

What this awful principal has done to the boy may very well rise to emotional abuse. It could take years to get over the humiliation she has made him endure, if he doesn’t get the right support now.

So here it is...

Braveheart, if somebody you know is reading this, I hope they tell you that you did nothing wrong.

I hope they tell you that it is not weird or silly or mean to tell a girl that she is pretty.

It is indeed very sweet and kind to tell a girl that her eyes sparkle.

Braveheart, never listen to the mean people who tell you you’re wrong for saying something nice to anyone -- especially a girl.

Always follow that feeling in your tummy. It’s almost always right  -- especially when it comes to girls.

If I had never followed that feeling in my tummy, I wouldn’t have had the nerve to talk to my wife, or send her flowers to the other side of the globe, or tell her that I was fall down crazy about her before she even knew my last name!

I wouldn’t be a daddy now to the two most beautiful little girls who give me a whole new, happy feeling in my tummy every time they walk into the room.

Matter of fact, I hope that someday they each meet a fellow like you, pal.

On behalf of every guy reading this right now, you did the right thing, Braveheart.

Well done!