The 'Sheening' of America -- In Less Than a Week Troubled Actor Charlie Sheen Becomes Country's Top Pop Culture Icon

Editor's note: This week televisions interviews with actor Charlie Sheen have been ubiquitous. The "Two and a Half Men" star is publicly feuding with CBS and his ex-wife. Commentators have speculated about his mental state and motives. Some call him crazy like a fox and some claim he is just plain crazy. Meanwhile, "winning" has become a new "status" term on Facebook. "Tiger blood" has entered the common venacular and Sheen has already accumulated over a million followers on Twitter

Author and "Red Eye" host Greg Gutfeld's offers the following 5 facts about  take on what we can't help but call the "Sheening" of America: 

1. The media cherry picks what they want to cover in order to suit their own sense of “fun.” It’s great to talk about Charlie’s crazy speeches and lifestyle, but then you get to the stuff about the spousal abuse and then the “fun” disappears.

2. Having said that, most of what Sheen says about himself being an actual "drug," is accurate – since everyone seems to be taking “Sheen” and enjoying the experience. Like a drug, he takes us out of our boring conversations, and puts us in “not boring” conversations.

3. The mundane, predictable reactions to Sheen (“he needs help,” “It’s a terrible situation”) are as tiresome as his clichéd Hollywood behavior. An untethered man who’s filthy rich, with limitless options, chooses to party and have casual sex. This story is not new or novel. What’s original: he’s defending it, often colorfully.

4. "Two and a Half Men" is based on Sheen – so producers can’t blame him for being who he is. If a sitcom character makes a show highly popular because of his hedonistic approach to life, then the producers are hypocrites for condemning that character, when it actually comes to life.

5. Sheen is looking, physically, terrible. If anything, that’s a sign that it’s not going well for him.

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