The real reason America is exceptional

As the first rays of morning light wash over the eastern seaboard -- a flag is unfurled with broad stripes and bright stars.

A soldier stands guard over sleeping heroes - known only to their Maker.

A resting place for the Common Man.

A farmer in the heartland gathers his crop as golden wheat shimmers in the breeze. A rancher gallops along the Texas Hill Country -- herding his cattle to the stockyards. A river boat captain pilots his boat down the muddy waters of the Mississippi.

We are an uncommon nation established by common men.

A job for the Common Man

In a Tennessee church house a candle flickers -- a preacher prays on bended knee -- asking God to bless our land -- to shed his grace on thee.

A prayer for the Common Man.

When the floodwaters rise and the storm clouds billow -- we stand ready to help -- feeding the hungry -- mending the wounded -- rebuilding homes and lives.

Goodwill for the Common Man.

And in some distant land a soldier stands guard defending our nation -- tending Lady Liberty's flame. They are young men and young women from our big cities and small towns -- willing to sacrifice their lives so that we can be free.

A protector for the Common Man.

We are the sons and daughters of the Common Man.

We are noble people forged by freedom’s fire.

We are an uncommon nation established by common men.

We are proud Americans and this is our fanfare.