The Democrats’ Christmas Lesson

‘Twas the night before Christmas and all through the land,
Democrats were chortling “Yes- - yes we can!”
“We can cook the books to help Obamacare pass,
We can appoint Big Labor the new Ruling Class.
We can classify carbon as dangerous to health,
And start redistributing America’s wealth.
We can run the autos and insurers and banks
Though we don’t have a single CEO in our ranks.
We can hire more workers and boost minimum wage,
Then sit back and watch the tea partiers rage.”

“Spending more than we have is what we Dems do well,
Our stimulus program shot the budget to hell.
“Where are the jobs?” silly voters might ask,
We patiently tell them that wasn’t the task.
Keeping government workers employed at all cost
That’s how the taxpayers’ money was lost.
But – never fret, we’ve a clever new way
To pay off your mortgage – we’ll tax CEO pay.
We’ll pump the economy – that’s the challenge we’re meeting;
If that doesn’t work we’ll tax breathing -- or eating!”

Relations are much better with friends overseas
The president has shown he’s eager to please.
Obama has a favorite new song that he sings,
“I’m not George Bush” – and with that he brings
Much bowing and scraping; he’s all smiles and grins.
He comes home empty-handed, which the White House then spins.
He’s friendly with Chavez and cozy with Kim,
And he’s confident Medvedev really likes him!
He chats up Iran while they continue to cheat,
We move forward in war while we also retreat.
Obama says there’s no more evil or terror,
“The Arabs will love us, if only we’re fairer”.

All this we have done, but we’re just getting going,
Survive we must -- to reap the seeds we are sowing.
Next fall angry voters may chuck some of us out;
No fears: Rahm and David will save us from rout.
Even now they are plotting to divide up the right;
They’re pushing to spur a Republican fight.
With unions a-helping they’ll create a great storm
They’ll propose that third rail -- immigration reform.
The red dogs will snarl over borders and jobs
They’ll play to mean-spirited anti-immigrant mobs.

Americans are a kind and fair-minded bunch;
(though they don’t want illegals stealing their lunch.)
Mostly, we embrace those whose dream is to be
working and living in our great land that is free.
Most of us came from here from homes far away
And welcome others also desperate to stay.
So we’ll trick the right into sounding hateful and mean
And voters? Once again towards us they will lean.
Later, Republicans will ask, “Gee, how did we goof?”
The election will hold our solid-gold proof:
Voters want kindness in addition to smarts,
You must win not just their minds, but also their hearts.

Merry Christmas!

Liz Peek is a financial columnist and frequent Fox Forum contributor.