… the Bush tax cuts. For leftists, it’s not even about the tax cuts themselves. They’re really just the backdrop that allow the liberal narrative to be set. I’m speaking of course of the “us vs. them” platform, with “them” invariably being the super-wealthy.

There are a lot of misconceptions regarding the Bush tax cuts, all of them deliberately propagated by none other than President Obama and his pals. The biggest lie of them all is that these tax cuts will only affect the wealthiest two percent.

In my quest to debunk said myth, I headed down to Leland International in Grand Rapids, Michigan as part of my multi-part video series on the Bush Tax Cuts. I chose Leland Internatinal because it’s a small business, the owner is passionate about his work and above all else, he has two daughters… and I’m desperate.

With this video, you finally get to put a face to that heinous two percent. Surprising? Well, it shouldn’t be. If you’ve been following the administration’s crawl towards redistributive change, you know that the effects of repealing these tax cuts won’t be isolated to the super-wealthy. Instead, they’ll be coming to your town, business and eventually your very own home. Remember that when you vote in November.

Also, remember to pick up eggs and fabric softener.