As the details of what happened in Benghazi dribble out, it is clear why Team Obama is so desperate to avoid responsibility for the death of our ambassador and three other Americans. It is all about the campaign.

Virtually every day, President Obama boasts about taking out Usama bin Laden and gutting Al Qaeda. Aides have also revealed secret information on the raid and other operations.

The crass calculation is part of a strategy to make Obama look muscular on foreign policy and demolish the stereotype of Democrats as weak on national security.

The Benghazi attack, coming on the anniversary of 9/11, ruins the strategy. It shows the administration to be incompetent and naive about the terrorist threat and thus reinforces the stereotype of weakness.

That is why the stonewalling will continue until after the election, and why most of the mainstream media will aid and abet it. After all, news organizations that downplayed the attack have almost as much to lose as Obama when the truth comes out. As it surely will.