Buffalo Bill’s wide receiver, Steve Johnson, fumbled what would have been the game winning pass in an overtime loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday. Not long after the game ended came a tweet addressed to God and seen around the world:

“I praise you 24/7!!! And this how you do me!!! You expect me to learn from this??? How??? I’ll never forget this!! Ever!! Thx tho.”

Johnson's tweet made me ponder several questions: Is God revealing that he is truly a Pittsburgh fan? Is Twitter really the best way to communicate with God? And what might others have tweeted to God in biblical times had the technology been available?

The following are ten other tweets to God:

NOAH: 1. “God you tell me to build an ark bigger than a football field, hundreds of miles from the nearest ocean?”

Noah would save the human race from extinction.

DAVID: 2. “You send me before a giant with only a slingshot and five small stones?”

David would go on to slay Goliath and become Israel’s greatest King.

ESTHER: 3. “God, how can you allow my royal position and very life to be in jeopardy as you call me to take a stand?”

Esther would ultimately save her people from racial genocide.

MOSES: 4. “How can you send a stutterer to tell Pharaoh to let your people go?”

Moses, with God’s help, would deliver over one million people from slavery.

ABRAHAM: 5. “God, you’ve given me the promise of children but I am old and my wife is far past child bearing years!”

Abraham would become the Father of many nations.

JOSEPH: 6. “You let me be falsely accused and sent to prison?”

Joseph would go on to save an entire generation amidst a horrific famine.

JOHN THE BAPTIST: 7. “God, you let my ministry and life be cut short?”

John the Baptist would introduce earth’s only savior, Jesus and be heralded as the “greatest ever born of a woman.”

MARY: 8. “You allow me to face ridicule by having me, a virgin, bring forth a child?”

Mary has been honored throughout the generations for bearing and raising the Christ.

PETER: 9. “You tell me to join you walking on the water and then you let me sink?”

Peter would go on to lead the early church.

LAZARUS: 10. “You wait a few days after hearing that I’m sick only to let me die?”

Lazarus was raised from the dead causing many to believe in God.

God never promised us that we would live a life without trials. Those who command the respect of others are those who find appointments with God within disappointments as well as successes.

Steve Johnson is a very talented football player who is learning a lesson that is as old as the scriptures. God doesn’t let go of us when we “drop the ball” in life. He is strong enough to take our blame but he is worthy of our praise.

Rev. Bill Shuler is senior pastor at Capital Life church in Arlington, Virginia and a frequent contributor to Fox News Opinion. For more, visit CapitalLife.org.