When Senator Ben Nelson (D-Neb.) pretended to be pro-life until he was offered the “Cornhusker Kickback” for Nebraska (since removed from the health care bill), America thought she would never again see a lawmaker using innocent children for ransom or a shield, as the Iraqi Republican Guard used to do in the war.

Until Bart Stupak.

For the past several Rep. Stupak (D-Mich.) was busy stamping his face into the concrete of pro-life history, taking the principled position that he would not vote for health insurance reform so long as federal funding would be used for abortions.

Until he did vote for it.

And since it was widely reported that Stupak controlled 6 votes and the bill passed by 3, we can call this new law "Stupakcare."

We have to wonder what ransom was paid for the lives of innocent children to secure Stupak’s vote, and if we watch what appointments he gets, bills pushed through and his next election to see how much support he gets from the DNC, we may identify the ransom paid out there somewhere.

But perhaps that’s being a little too hard on Stupak. Maybe he didn’t sell out – maybe he’s just stupid.

He claims he got what he wanted not by amending the law, rather by striking a deal for an “Executive Order” from the president that will not allow abortion funding.

Stupid is as Stupak does.

If Barack Obama was any old president, maybe Stupak could have trusted him. But Barack Obama is the “abortion president.” Consider this inconvenient piece of history about Obama:

Sworn in on January 20, on January 22 President Obama issued an Executive Order changing the “Mexico City Policy,” allowing American tax dollars to be used to pay for abortions in foreign countries.

It only took him 2 days as president to pay for abortions, as if he couldn’t wait to do it. As if using federal dollars for abortions was his most eager campaign promise. As if funding abortions is such a priority that his first, Nobel Peace Prize winning week as president was primed by sanctioning the payment of abortions with federal tax dollars. This is the man Stupak trusts with an Executive Order to stop abortions?

Bart Stupak had in his hands the power to stop federal funding of abortions, and he handed the power to the man who is schoolgirl-giddy in love with idea of funding abortions – Barack Obama.

Executive Orders are not general laws – they are presidential instructions to administrative agencies. The problem is that they can be repealed as easily as they are signed by the current or subsequent presidents.

While Obama may sign the Executive Order right now to save Stupak’s face, nothing can stop him or his successor in office from repealing it later.

That means the new health insurance law will likely become the domestic Mexico City Policy.
The Mexico City Policy bans federal dollars going to non-government organizations in foreign countries, if they conduct or promote abortions.

Since 1984 every Republican president has, by Executive Order, enforced the policy and every Democrat president has by Executive Order repealed the policy.

Thanks to the Forrest Gump-like innocence of Bart Stupak (or is it stupidity, or an evil streak? -- Time will tell), America will now see the same dance over and over again on domestic federal funding of abortions, with Republican presidents disallowing it and Democrats allowing it.

If Bart Stupak wants no federal funding of abortions, he’ll have to start voting for Republican presidents.

The second worse thing Stupak did was deliver his speech on the floor of the House after his deal was made. For months Stupak was aligned with Republicans who are pro-life. Stupak suddenly accused THEM of disingenuousness in their commitment to pro-life policy. Yet those Republicans had the same position they held when the sun rose on Sunday morning -- it was Stupak who changed his mind.

In addition to stupid, add back-stabbing jerk to Stupak’s political tombstone.

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