Stuart Varney: Trump's failure or success is now in the hands of the GOP

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The Trump administration stands on the verge of a big win, or a significant defeat on this Friday, July 21. It’s the Republican Party that decides which way it’s going to go.

You know the story. We are 6 months into this presidency and so far, the republican Congress has delivered very little. Now, it’s crunch-time: next week the senate will vote on ObamaCare, and after that, its tax reform.

Just for a moment think about what it would mean for the economy and for Middle America, if the president gets a win on both! You get to choose what health insurance you want, and you get to keep more of the money you make! Isn't that what republican voters, voted for?

I try to steer clear of stock market predictions: we leave that to our guests, but i have to tell you, that almost everyone who has appeared on “Varney & co.” says that your investments will do even better if the republicans deliver and so will the economy. The Republican Party holds the key.

And if they don't come through, watch out! Again, I don't make predictions, but the people who are paid to forecast are unanimous: no health care reform, no tax cuts. Watch out below.

That’s the economic side of the argument: politically, there's just as much at stake. Our perception of the Trump presidency will change dramatically, if he gets a win: if he doesn't, the media will become even more contemptuous than it is now. They'll call him a failure. A lame duck after only a year.

This presidency is now in the hands of the Republican Party.

And the future of the Republican Party is in the hands of the Republican Party.

It’s Friday, July 21 and we're on the brink, America.

Adapted from Stuart Varney’s “My Take” on Friday July 21, 2017.