Something's rotten in Clinton World: Two more Clinton cash scandals

Two new reports from the Clinton Chronicles demand attention. One involves an anti-gay church in an impoverished African country that gave up to $10 million to the Clinton Foundation.
The London Daily Mail reports that the Cameroon Baptist Convention believes that being gay “contradicts God’s purpose” and likens homosexuality to the Devil.

The church only has about 100,000 members, so where did it get so much money? And why is it shipping millions to the Clintons when Cameroon is one of the poorest countries on Earth, with child labor a scourge and only one doctor for every 5,000 people? Life expectancy is reported as 55.

Moreover, Cameroon is extremely corrupt, with human-rights organizations claiming that criminal suspects, gays and political activists are routinely tortured.

The second scandal involves a Clinton spinoff in Sweden that collected $26 million in donations while Sweden was trying to persuade Hillary Clinton’s State Department not to sanction major national firms doing business with Iran. The Washington Times broke the story and says the spinoff was never disclosed to federal ethics officials, “even though one of its largest sources of donations was a Swedish government-sanctioned lottery.”

Two results: No Swedish firms were sanctioned, and one of them, telecommunications giant Ericsson AB, paid Bill Clinton $750,000 for a speech. The Times reports that Ericsson was trying to sell tracking technology to Iran that could be used by the mullah’s security services.

Something is rotten in Clinton World. Actually, everything is rotten in Clinton World.

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