Is America's smartphone usage out of control?

Fox News' Andrea Tantaros tackled the topic in her show "Trending With Tantaros," speaking to Scott Brown, president of marketing and innovation firm The Company of Others.

"We sit in these meetings and everybody's glued to their phone. They're just checking their phone and no one's listening and no one's contributing and no one's being present in the moment," Tantaros said.

Brown agreed, saying, "I think we're completely addicted. ... We love our smartphones. We sleep next to them, we eat with them, we drive with them, we do everything we possibly can with them and in fact most of us check our smartphones 150 times a day."

Brown proposed asking friends and family to put down their smartphones "be present" with the help of his Realism device. Brown described it as a tongue-in-cheek way to get people talking about smartphone dependence and the need to unplug.

Watch the full interview in the video above.