We have had a Women’s March, then a March for Science, then an Earth Day March, which was not the same thing as the March for Science, and now there will be a “March for Truth” to demand an investigation on Trump’s ties to Russia.

Who the hell has that much time to march?

The left is has decided to make protest their permanent campaign headed into 2018, but normal Americans have lives, are working, and don’t have time to drop everything to march all the time.

This is, yet again, the secular, atheist left trying to capture the sentiments of religion for a cause they perceive as greater than themselves. They have priests and ceremonies. Instead of genuflecting at an altar, they raise their hands in protest. Instead of pilgrimages to real holy lands, they have pilgrimages to their holy land, Washington, and march around like they’re on Hajj.

Instead of marches, these people could be productive members of society. Though they are keeping paint makers, sharpie marker makers, and poster board manufacturers in business, these are mostly college kids, their professors, and paid union activists. Because they have degrees in things like Womyn & Gender Studies, Queer Theory, and Puppetry Arts, they are practicing being unemployed to get used to their future. While doing it, however, they are clogging up the streets for the rest of us and making traffic miserable.

Instead of marching, the rest of us will be in the real world enjoying our families and contributing to the economy. No normal, sane person has enough time for all this marching about. Only in the leftwing bubble thinks is it meaningful.