Sean Hannity: Trump, Spicer turn tables on alt-left media

The Trump administration is making it very clear to the liberal, alt-radical left mainstream media that the old days of doing business are over.

New White House press secretary Sean Spicer made it known that accountability between the White House and the press will now go both ways. An exchange he had earlier this week with ABC News’ Jon Karl was particularly telling.

“Is it your intention to always tell the truth from that podium?” Karl asked. “And will you pledge never to knowingly say something that is not factual?”

Spicer answered that, of course, he has no intention of lying to the press. He gave a thoughtful answer that there can be room for dispute about so-called “facts,” but said he won’t lie and if he makes a mistake, he will own up to it.

But what has the press corps in a tizzy is that Spicer had the audacity to expect the same from the media.

“It is a two-way street,” he said. “There are many mistakes that the media makes all the time. They misreport something, they don't report something, they get a fact wrong. I don't think that's always, ‘Okay, you are intentionally lying.’”

But the press is going hard after Spicer, claiming a dispute about the size of the crowd at President Trump’s inauguration can only mean he is lying. Less than a week on the job, and some of the usual suspects want Spicer to quit.

“He can still get out,” Joy Behar, host of “The View,” said. “Get out now, Sean. Get out now!”

Then she offered Spicer some truly terrible career advice, telling him, “You can get a job on CNN.”

Dan Rather, the CBS anchor who blew up his career by running with fake news about President Gearoge W. Bush, even weighed in, calling the Trump communications team “Nixonian” for quibbling about crowd sizes.

And finally, Bloomberg News correspondent Indira Lakshmanan pronounced Spicer’s first press briefing similar to ones held in communist China.

“That first briefing reminded me of some of the briefings I've been to in Beijing,” she said. “A lot of reporters who have worked in places like China, Russia and -- you know, and Cuba might have a pretty good advantage going into covering the Trump administration.”

The media is going to be doing stuff like this for the next four years. But if members of the press really want to start with a clean slate, they need to come forward and admit that they're biased and that they openly colluded, as we have pointed out many times, with the Clinton campaign.

The mainstream media pretends to be unbiased seekers of truth, but according to the Center for Public Integrity, during the 2016 campaign, a whopping 96 percent of money that journalists donated to the two major presidential campaigns went to Hillary Clinton.

Journalists are of course free to support whomever they want to with their own money. But it should not affect their reporting. WikiLeaks exposed how the Clinton campaign was in direct contact with basically every major news organization except for the Fox News Channel, and showed that these media outlets allowed stories to be changed and quotes to be altered before publication. They leaked debate questions to Clinton in advance. They actively worked to advance the Clinton campaign's agenda.

If reporters do their job fairly, there shouldn't be any problems. If not, people from the Trump administration clearly stand ready to call them out and set the record straight.

Adapted from Sean Hannity's opening monologue on "Hannity," Jan. 24, 2017