A recent news bulletin announced that police in Nova Scotia broke up a plot by two men who aimed to carry out mass murder at a shopping mall and then commit suicide.

Here is what The Associated Press said about the plot in its second paragraph:

“Police and other officials said it was not related to Islamic terrorism.”

Whew, that’s a relief. And a surprise.

This is nuts.

If you shared my instant reactions, you also are wondering what the hell is going on with the Obama administration. When the liberal Associated Press feels the need to address readers’ assumptions about Islam and terrorism, we have reached a tipping point.

This is nuts.

Make that a worldwide tipping point. With the pope and Cardinal Dolan joining Jewish leaders and growing numbers of Muslim officials in Arab lands speaking honestly about the horrors perpetrated under Islam’s name, that leaves President Obama as the odd man out.

Not every Muslim is a terrorist. But almost all terrorists are Muslims. Those two statements are both accurate, as even Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi tacitly conceded when he scolded Islamic clerics for failing to halt the spread of jihadists. But inconvenient truths don’t matter to Obama.

The president’s ideological blinkers will be on vivid display this week, with 60 countries invited to a White House summit on extremism. But aides made clear there would be no change in the willful ignorance.

“We are not treating these people as part of a religion. We’re treating them as terrorists,” an official told reporters.

This is nuts. Although Islamic State, Al Qaeda, Boko Haram and the Taliban cite Islam as the basis of their death cults, Obama argues that their acts are contrary to Islam, and, therefore, refuses to associate them with Islam.

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