Saving America from economic, cultural and physical collapse

Earlier this year Ahmad Rahami, a naturalized American from Afghanistan, allegedly detonated several bombs in New York and New Jersey. Luckily, these attacks only wounded 31 people. This is but one example of the reality that America is fighting for its life, but most do not understand the gravity of the challenges we face. In fact, the United States is fighting for its existence on three fronts: economic, cultural and physical.

Here’s a snapshot of the situation:

Economic: GDP growth is stagnant at about 1 percent. It should be 3-4 percent.

Cultural: The American Constitution and way of life are under constant attack from enemies determined to destroy our liberties and our lives.

• Physical: On national security, countless state and non-state actors are working to disrupt our day-to-day existence.

We are exposed on all three fronts because political, business and cultural leaders are either naïve, willfully blind or corrupt and complicit in flatlining the economy, allowing our traditions to be trampled over and making our citizens vulnerable to attack.

The people who have created this dire situation believe in one or more of these four false narratives: globalism, socialism, isolationism and “Political Islam.” The first three narratives have been in the American mainstream for decades, but political Islam is different. Under the guise of a religion, political Islam has penetrated our culture, politics and media.

“Political Islam” refers to the politicization of Islam. It preaches hate. It demands that non-Muslims must be killed or submit to Islamic law. It calls for global rule and it uses physical, intellectual, financial, legal and demographic means to attain it. To save America and Western civilization, we must defeat Political Islam. We must commit ourselves to destroying the forces that attack us every minute of every day.

Here are several policies that would return America to leadership in the world:

On the economic front: The government must get out of the way. We must reduce the tax burden on every American citizen and business. All wages should be taxed together under three brackets of 10, 20 and 30 percent. The corporate tax rate should be 20 percent, not 35 percent, which is the highest rate in the developed world. ObamaCare must be repealed and replaced with a plan that increases choice, keeps the government out of the physician-patient relationship and doesn’t crush small businesses. We must stop the government’s intergenerational theft, or our children and grandchildren will never be able to repay the current level of overspending. Lastly, all states must enact energy and right-to-work policies to allow for innovation and investment.

On the cultural front: Adherence to core values made America strong. The U.S. must re-instill the values of the Founding Fathers: liberty and opportunity on top of a strong Judeo-Christian base. We must return to the constitutionally dictated balance of power shared by the three branches of government. To revive American exceptionalism, we must defend our freedom of speech against the false narrative of political correctness. Voter fraud must be eliminated. To ensure the integrity of our elections, Americans must be required to have photo identification when going to the ballot box.

On the physical front: We must defeat the four leading Political Islamic terror organizations: Shiite Iran, ISIS/al-Qaeda, the Muslim Brotherhood and Wahhabism/Salafism. These entities indiscriminately terrorize and kill Muslims, Christians, Jews, Hindus and all others. In fact, Muslims are the No. 1 victims of Political Islam, as evidenced in Syria, Iraq and Iran. The ideology that feeds these entities must be debunked, and their leaders must be removed. Defeating them must begin by stopping Iran’s radicalism and nuclear agenda, eliminating ISIS/al-Qaeda by any means necessary, rooting out the Muslim Brotherhood in any country where it operates and pressuring Saudi Arabia, the Gulf States and Pakistan to reform the jihadist Wahhabism/Salafism ideology. To protect the homeland, we must screen all refugees and immigrants, seal our borders and secure our critical infrastructure by protecting the electric grid from natural disasters, cyber/GPS hacking and electro-magnetic pulse (EMP) attack.

The American voter should keep these core issues in mind as we vote on November 8!