Ron Paul Dares to Say It...

By Tommy De SenoAttorney/Writer

Thank goodness someone of import has finally said it!

For months now I've been trying to get folks in politics, the media and the public to stop calling the bailouts "socialism" because they aren't socialism. What they most assuredly are is nothing short of economic fascism.

I first wrote about the difference in the political philosophies here in the FOX Forum.

I wrote about my conversation on the issue with Fred Smith of the Competitive Enterprise Institute here.

Ron Paul was again a tremendous speaker at CPAC and as usual he gave a speech filled with one intelligent point after the other.

Let someone else write about the rest of it but to me the most important part of Congressman Paul's speech was the recognition of President Obama's naked and frightening power grab.

From the likely nationalization of Citigroup to centering power in the White House by politicizing the Census to using American taxes to promote abortion around the world, Obama's policies are more like Mussolini than Lenin.