Editor's note: Here are the top tweets by Fox News contributors and others during the third and final debate between President Obama and Gov. Mitt Romney in Boca Raton, Florida.

Marc Thiessen@marcthiessen: By refusing to take the bait on Obama's attacks, Romney is looking presidential and allowing Obama to make himself small

Bernard Goldberg ‏@BernardGoldberg: Obama reminding voters he ended war in Iraq and things are better now than before (meaning under Bush)... this may be BS but it could work.

Ari Fleischer@AriFleischer: You have to admit Obamacare really is a foreign policy.

Sally Kohn@sallykohn: Fact: Can't just cut around edges to make Romney math work. Have to cripple essential programs that help middle class.

Lanny Davis ‏@LannyDavis: How will Schieffer regain control? This is getting silly. Budgets ... Education...Taxes... Foreign policy?

Sally Kohn ‏@sallykohn: Obama skewers Romney with a bayonet: "This is not a game of Battleship."

KT McFarland ‏@ktmcfarland: O says if ISrael is attacked, he stands with israel - yikes did O just bestow full mutual defense treaty w/ Israel?

Laura Ingraham@IngrahamAngle: Ch-ch-ch-ch...anging! Obama now Bibi's best friend!

Chuck Todd ‏@chucktodd: Romney sticking to his strategy of not engaging POTUS no matter what. Even as Obama has unloaded on him. Too much "prevent defense"?

Laura Ingraham@IngrahamAngle: Mr Prez, u met w/ Joy Behar instead of Bibi! Say it.

Dick Morris ‏@DickMorrisTweet; Obama denies apology. WE all remember your apologies! We all remember it. Now Obama seems like a gutter punching politician.

kirsten powers@kirstenpowers10: Obama -- you want to talk overseas trips? Hell yeah, let's talk overseas trips.

GregGutfeld@greggutfeld: Okay -first we ditch Libya. Now we ditch foreign policy. In ten minutes, we'll be talking about the cast of Glee.

Dana Perino ‏@DanaPerino: I think someone might have had a side of crab cakes with their steak and potatoes.

GregGutfeld@greggutfeld: Romney just flattened Obama. Finally.

Piers Morgan@piersmorgan: Nobody's winning this - both being equally safe/calm/dull. #PMTdebate.

Lanny Davis ‏@LannyDavis: Romney - "I think president was right" on drones. Points for R each time he talks like this - statesman better than hatchetman.

Larry Sabato@LarrySabato: Obama has mentioned women rights 3 or 4 times in foreign context. Are women a key part of his coalition? Could that be it?

Mary Kissel@marykissel: Who's the bigger currency manipulator -- the People's Bank of China, or Ben Bernanke's Fed? #2012.

mike murphy@murphymike: Obama really acting like he feels behind. Interesting...

Dana Perino ‏@DanaPerino: This debate is kind of like Switzerland...neutral.

Hugh Hewitt ‏@hughhewitt: Romney again displaying cool confidence in answering Pakistan question from Bob....warning of failed state...very very good for undecideds

Piers Morgan ‏@piersmorgan: Got a feeling that Obama chucking Biden under a bus over Bin Laden won't play very well tomorrow. Big mistake - looked disloyal

Bill Hemmer@BillHemmer: Seems #Romney has made deliberate decision not to engage like #debate 2 last week. Wonder what his internal polling suggests.

Bill Maher@billmaher: You're losing, Mitt - bring up the fact that we have fewer knives and rocks than we did during the French and Indian War.

Jonah Goldberg@JonahNRO: Schieffer, somewhat to my surprise, was the best moderator.

Robert G Beckel@RobertGBeckel: Romney close sounded like a boyscout speech accepting eagle award . He was wimpy afraid to fight. And you want this wus comander in chief?

Ann Coulter @AnnCoulter: I guess that's one thing you don't learn as president. RT @pambesteder Wow! Just heard on Fox News that Marines STILL use bayonets!

Glenn Beck ‏@glennbeck: Not the approach I would have chosen, but Romney is a better man. Came off Strong, kind, truthful. Bob S. did well. Obama looked mean.