Speaking Friday at the March for Life in Washington on the National Mall, President Trump criticized Democrats for embracing “radical and extreme positions” on abortion and accused them of attempting to silence Americans who believe in the sanctity of life.

Skeptics need look no further than the Democratic Attorneys General Association to validate the president’s statements.

In an unprecedented announcement at the end of last year, the group representing Democratic state attorneys general declared that it will only endorse and provide financial support to those candidates for attorney general who will publicly pledge support for unrestricted abortions.


On cue, Planned Parenthood – which has pledged to spend $45 million on elections this year – applauded the Democratic Attorneys General Association. Planned Parenthood said it was “thrilled” with the announcement and decreed that every political party should support the right to abortion – including late-term or third-trimester abortions.

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The message of the Democratic Attorneys General Association is clear: There is no place under its tent for anyone who is not all-in on abortion – even in pro-life states. This is a fascinating political calculation on the heels of Democratic candidates for attorney general losing two races in pro-life states that have elected Democratic attorneys general for as long as anyone can remember.

But it’s worse than that. The Democratic Attorneys General Association is not just fighting for a woman’s absolute right to abort her baby. These attorneys general want you to pay for abortions – and not just with your tax dollars.

This is the group that believes employers must pay for their employees’ abortions even when it violates the closely held religious and moral beliefs of the employers.

Democratic attorneys general currently serve in 24 states and the District of Columbia. They do not believe that the religious or moral convictions of private business owners matter at all if those convictions get in the way of the Democrats’ beloved abortion entitlement.

Perhaps all of this is good news for Republican attorneys general. They will never again have to worry about losing races in any state where most citizens impose their own litmus test – whether a candidate can place legal duties over political considerations if elected attorney general.

The vast majority of Americans believe that an unborn child is, in fact, a child; that a woman’s right to “make her own decisions about her own body” does not include the right to extinguish a new life; and that the states have an important obligation to protect the health and safety of the unborn.

Yet the Democratic Attorneys General Association does not believe that a Democratic attorney general (or candidate) can or should take any of this into consideration. The group rejects out-of-hand any candidate with empathy towards the unborn.


In addition, the Democratic group mandates that even a pro-choice candidate must not express any hesitation in telling a state that it has no legal right to show its respect for unborn life (at any stage of pregnancy), no right to regulate brutal abortion procedures, and no right to protect women from substandard care.

Some Democratic attorneys general get it, however. Democratic Attorney General Josh Kaul recently defended Wisconsin’s abortion laws against a challenge by Planned Parenthood. He seems to have recognized that political pledges and personal preferences can’t take precedence over his duty to defend the laws of his state (at least if he wants to get reelected).

Will the Democratic Attorneys General Association abandon Kaul? Interestingly, Kaul, who ran center-left, won by only 17,000 votes.


The Democratic Attorneys General Association lost three out of three attorney general races in 2019. The organization should plan to lose more this year.

The tens of thousands of Americans who traveled to Washington to stand for life Friday should serve as a warning to the Democratic attorneys general. Real America will show up at the ballot box to keep Planned Parenthood from carrying out its radical agenda through state attorneys general offices across the country.

Elizabeth Murrill is the solicitor general for Louisiana.