A year ahead of midterms, election season is already in full swing. On Saturday, 18 states across the country and thousands of volunteers are participating in the RNC’s “National Day of Action,” mobilizing in support of the Republican Party and President Trump’s winning agenda. We will bring together volunteers and equip them with skills to reach voters more effectively. Following their training, they will go out into their communities and put their new-found skills to work. These “rock star” volunteers bolster our ground game efforts and are eager to give their time and energy in order to spread our Party’s message of opportunity, prosperity, and freedom.

This is part of the RNC’s multi-year effort to establish a permanent, uninterrupted presence in states across the country. The plan worked well during the 2016 cycle and, because we never left these states, was a big reason the Party went undefeated in four special elections. This same on-the-ground strategy enabled us to invest nearly 100 people and millions of dollars in Virginia, which is proving to be critical in an extremely close governor’s race.

Our flagship Republican Leadership Initiative (RLI) Program helps us recruit, organize, and mobilize volunteers who then expand our footprint – and our majorities -- nationwide.

Just today, 1000 new RLI Fellows are being trained across 18 states at over 100 locations. The volunteers who graduate from this program become our voices on the ground, and spread the conservative message across the country.

That’s why the RLI Program is critical to our mission: it allows us to foster deeper relationships with state parties, elected officials, local leaders, and community groups. All of this begins with our dedicated volunteers. By driving our engagement and outreach efforts, they ensure the success of our Party.

If you pass by a group of spirited volunteers in their red “National Day of Action” t-shirts this Saturday, give them a wave, take a minute to chat with them, or better yet, join us!