Once again, President Obama is labeling Republicans as “the Party of no.” Last week, in Racine, Wisconsin the president said of the GOP, “They figured if we just keep on saying no to everything and nothing gets done then somehow people will forget who got us into this mess in the first place and we’ll get more votes in November.”

Fair enough. Republicans can counter that they are actually “the Party of yes,” offering an alternative to Obama’s failed agenda.

Republicans can say:

Yes to consumer-controlled spending and no to government out-of-control spending.
Yes to stimulating civilian jobs and no to stimulating government jobs.
Yes to wealth creation by private citizens and no to wealth redistribution by government confiscation.
Yes to enforcing existing laws and no to forcing new big government laws.
Yes to free market exchanges and no to government controlled exchanges.
Yes to tax cuts and tax simplification and no to tax increases and IRS complication.
Yes to individual responsibility and no to bureaucratic irresponsibility.
Yes to fair deals in an open labor market and no to sweetheart deals for unions.
Yes to incentives for growth-seeking small businesses and entrepreneurs and no to special favors for bailout-seeking, mismanaged businesses and government enterprises.
Yes to free trade and no to trade protectionism.
Yes to returning America to its Constitutional roots and no to turning America into a European welfare state.

The November midterm elections are an opportunity for a new, “yes, we can” formula. For Obama, we = I. For real hope and change, let’s change the formula to we = We the People.

Communications consultant Jon Kraushar is at www.jonkraushar.net.

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