As we race to the November midterms Republicans still need a calling card. Last week, on September 23, a group of Congressional Republicans unveiled their "Pledge to America." The ‘Pledge’ outlines some affirmative policies and goals that will be pursued if the American electorate gives control of one or both houses of Congress to Republicans in November.

Authoring the pledge was the right move. It behooves a minority to clearly state what it stands for. Moreover, as a policy paper the document was very well put together. It specifically addresses severe problems that exist today and how Republicans will fix them when given the chance.

However in order to maximize its power, the pledge should have begun with a short and memorable summary which encapsulates most important Republican ideals. The best part? It only takes six words: small government; low taxes; national security.

This motto establishes the common ground that an overwhelming majority of Republicans stand on. It builds on of the principles that our country was founded on and utilizes them to solve the problems that we face today.

Let's break these elements down one by one.

Small Government: Our government has overreached. It is a fact that all levels of government play an important role in the success of our country. However, the Republican belief in small government adheres to the very American notion that enterprise, innovation and progress should be allowed to flourish and benefit both the country and its citizens without government impediment.

Low Taxes: Americans are burdened. Oppressive taxes are taking away significant portions of incomes from hardworking families and small businesses. Some level of taxation is a reality of living in this great country but there needs to be a focus on limiting taxes to provide for what is necessary and not just to pay for the pet projects of those in power.

National Security: The United States of America needs to be protected. Republicans are strongly in favor of keeping our defense systems highly functioning, and giving our forces all the support necessary to protect America's interests domestically and abroad.

So what’s next? My suggestion is that Republicans to take these six words, print them on a card and hand them out to every American who will take them.

These six words will serve as an effective “calling card” when any American, in any corner of the country, asks “what do Republicans really stand for?” With the widespread distribution of these cards there will be likely be someone near by who responds with these six words: small government, low taxes, national security.

Finally, this calling card places President Obama and Democrats in Congress in a defensive position and it forces them to explain what these words represent. -- There's no doubt that such opposition will not sit well with American public.

Boris Epshteyn is a political strategist, attorney and business consultant in New York City. He served as a communications aide on the 2008 McCain-Palin  presidential campaign. He is a frequent guest on Foxnews.com's "The Strategy Room" and has appeared on other Fox News Channel programs. Contact him at boris@strategy-llc.com.

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