Reps. Jim Jordan, Mark Meadows: It's time for Republicans to act like Republicans (and not like Democrats)

Can Republicans win the 2018 election? The mainstream press, the establishment, and history all say no. Poll numbers don’t look good. The generic ballot is not where it needs to be. There’s an enthusiasm gap.

Liberals are excited. Conservatives aren’t. Washington conventional wisdom has already decided the game is over. Republicans should just forfeit and go home.

The truth is, over the next 25 days if our party doesn’t show the sharp contrast in each party’s vision for America, then the “experts” will be right.

However, if Republicans, in a clear and direct way, show the difference, we can win.

The Democratic Party of 2018 has adopted the most extreme positions in American history.

Don’t believe us? Consider this:

While trying to destroy Judge Kavanaugh, Democrats applaud Colin Kaepernick when he disrespects our flag.

They embrace New York’s Democratic Governor Andrew Cuomo when he says “[America] was never that great.”

And Democrats cheer Rep. Maxine Waters, D- Calif., when she encourages the harassment of the president’s supporters and says “impeachment” 8 times in one sentence.

Their message: Raise taxes, abolish ICE, socialize medicine, and impeach the president.

Again, don’t believe us? Consider this:

Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., wants to roll back the GOP tax cuts.

Rep. Earl Blumenauer, D-Ore., says, “It’s time to abolish ICE and start over.”

Seventeen Democratic senators now support Bernie Sanders’ socialized health care bill.

And, when Senator Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., was asked, “When y’all going to impeach Trump?” he replied, “Sooner the better.”

These radical positions aren’t shared by the country.

Most Americans respect the flag and those who fought to protect the freedoms it represents.

Most Americans understand the United States is the greatest nation in history, and they want to keep America great.

And most Americans appreciate what has happened in 20 months under President Trump’s leadership:

  •        Taxes have been lowered, resulting in $1,600 more in the average family’s budget.
  •          Regulations have been reduced, leading to 3.5 million new jobs.
  •          The economy is growing at 4.2 percent.
  •          Unemployment is at its lowest in 20 years.
  •          Justices Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh are on the Court.
  •          America is no longer in the Iran deal.
  •          The U.S. embassy is in Jerusalem.
  •          And American hostages are home from North Korea.

In short, families have more money, constitutionalists are on the court, and the president is keeping his word on foreign policy.

Certainly, there is more work to do. ObamaCare continues to drive up health care costs. -- It has to be replaced.

Able-bodied adults continue to receive your tax dollars without a requirement to work. Welfare reform has to happen.

Drugs and gang members continue to cross our border, causing harm to so many American communities. The border security wall has to be built.

And finally, just because your name is Clinton, Comey, Lynch, McCabe, or Strzok doesn’t mean you’re above the law. The double standard for the Washington-connected class has to end.

But it won’t if Democrats win.  Other common sense policies will not happen either if Republicans lose the majority.

Former Republican Congressman Dick Armey once said, “When we act like us, we win. When we act like them, we lose.”

It’s time for Republicans to act like us. It’s time for Republicans to be bold, not timid. It’s time for Republicans to show the American people how radical the left has become. It’s time for Republicans to campaign with confidence and win.

Republican Mark Meadows is in his third term representing North Carolina’s 11th District in the U.S. House of Representatives. He serves as Chairman of the House Freedom Caucus and on the House Oversight Committee, Foreign Affairs Committee, and Transportation and Infrastructure Committee.