Every year, Gentlemen’s Quarterly magazine names its "25 Least Influential People."

Tuesday, the magazine put Mitt Romney at the top of the list.

“Was anyone inspired by Mitt Romney? Did anyone vote enthusiastically for Mitt Romney? Of course not. Voting for Romney is like hooking up with the last single person at the bar at 4 a.m. The only successful thing he did this year was embody every black stand-up comedian's impression of a white person. Thank God the election's over. No more endless photos of Mitt staring winsomely off-camera with that attempted smile on his face. No more glaring campaign mishaps week after week after week. No more labored media efforts to make him look like anything other than Sheldon Adelson's pampered money Dumpster. Good-bye, Mitt. I hope you enjoy the rest of your life quietly ensconced at Lake Winnipesaukee, blissfully ignorant of the plight of anyone who doesn't have $300 million squirreled away in the Bahamas.”

As the loser in a hotly-contested presidential election, it’s not surprising Romney might appear somewhere on this list – but at the top?

I mean, the guy got over 59 million votes earlier this month. That’s a lot more influence than GQ’s number two pick, actress Amanda Bynes.

For the entire year, when members of the media weren’t focusing on the totally bogus Republican “War on Women” or ignoring the sorry state of the economy as well as what happened at our consulate in Benghazi, Libya, they were totally trashing Romney’s religious beliefs, his wife, his kids, and even a family dog he once put on the roof of his car.

Since one of the goals of the Obama campaign team was to demonize the former Massachusetts governor rather than offer a vision and a plan for America’s future, the president’s obedient press were concentrated like a laser beam on him 24/7.

By Election Day, so-called “journalists” had exposed more dirt on the man who wouldn’t be president than we had heard about Obama’s dealings with domestic terrorist Bill Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn, his felonious real estate developer Tony Rezko, and his America-hating Reverend Wright throughout the entire 2008 campaign combined.

And any gaffe or misstep by Romney would receive more exposure than Madonna’s naked derriere at a rock concert.

At the same time, the media broke numerous vertebrae contorting themselves to avoid or make excuses for Obama’s hideous first term record as well as any miscues by himself or his bumbling vice president.

In the end, Romney received so much attention that a man was re-elected to the highest office in our land while millions of Americans remain hopelessly unemployed.

If you don’t think that’s influence, you don’t know what the meaning of the word is.

In fact, I could make the case that Romney was the most influential person of 2012 as he was the brunt of a coordinated media assault responsible for the current White House resident getting four more years to enact an agenda that almost half the nation finds totally repugnant.

Now that’s what I call influence.