Read an Excerpt From Kevin McCullough's New Book "No He Can't"

Editor's note: We are pleased to feature an excerpt from radio talk show host and author Kevin McCullough's new book: "No He Can't." Mr. McCullough writes frequently for Fox News Opinion. 

Book summary from publisher Thomas Nelson: Nationally syndicated radio talk show host and columnist Kevin McCullough tackles the thorny issue of why the audacity of hope is not found in the current path that President Barack Obama has laid.

As the first pundit in the world to predict that President Barack Obama would become president of the United States (verified on-air by Rush Limbaugh), Kevin McCullough was not surprised when Mr. Obama was elected to that office.

Yet even McCullough admits he's surprised by President Obama's actions since the election. Surprised by the overt falsehoods already carried out by this administration. Surprised by our country's sudden deficit of clarity and common sense. Surprised by a blatant lack of accountability. In "No He Can't," McCullough stands as the loyal but outraged loyal opposition to the current state of affairs.

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