Dear President Trump,

We believe in you. We care about jobs. Good jobs. You have the opportunity to transform society and create millions of jobs without raising taxes. Let’s create them together.

The easiest way to create good jobs is through innovation. Innovation comes from startups. Let’s make the startup revolution accessible to everyone. Whether you are in a small town or a big city, you should be able to join the startup revolution. #Startupschangetheworld

Here is a plan to create millions of good jobs in five simple steps.

Step 1: Get our cash back from overseas and invest it in middle class jobs. US corporate have $1.4 Trillian stashed overseas. Allow corporations to bring this cash back without any taxes on it as long as it is invested directly in creating innovative middle class jobs or in startups who will create these jobs. These jobs will then create even more jobs as people spend their new money on goods and services. Cash comes back, jobs get created.

Step 2: Promote free innovation education and retraining so people can get these jobs. Promote low cost education in technology skills so people can get retrained and get access to these new jobs. Give people skills, and they will get good jobs. Startups will offer this type of training at a low cost. You can give people vouchers for taking these low cost online training classes.

I believe in this so much, I will offer to build a company to offer this type of training in partnership with the White House.

Step 3: Streamline regulation for startups to enable innovation. Innovation leads to job creation. Make it easy for startups to innovate. Create government accelerators that allow startups like Uber and AirBNB to test new models and create new markets. Focus this program around the shared economy to help more people become entrepreneurs. New markets, means new jobs.

Step 4: Inspire entrepreneurship by making startup investing FREE. You are now the leading entrepreneur in the world. Make it easy for everyone to play the game. Enact the Entrepreneur Tax Credit. Allow each taxpayer a 100 percent tax write-off on up to $25,000 per year in entrepreneurship investment, in their own business or, in any startup. Make startup investing free and see startups sprout everywhere.

Step 5: Turn the unemployment office into entrepreneurship office, so everyone can get a piece.Everyone should be able to participate. Turn unemployment counselors into entrepreneurship counselors and have them refer all of these great tax credits, job opportunities and training to people. Point people in the right direction to pick themselves up by their bootstraps and flourish.

We have the ability to usher in the greatest wave of job creation in the history of our nation.

Mr. President-elect, I humbly state on behalf of myself and my friends in the tech industry, that we are rooting for you and will do our part to support your journey and make America great.  #DreamFWD