Pirro: I am afraid some crazy lefty is going to try to assassinate Trump

Democrats have so normalized hatred and violence against the president of the United States that I fear it will result in some crazy lefty trying to assassinate him. And it’s not just the president at whom their rage is directed.  It's all  Republicans and conservatives. They are no longer the opposition party.  They are the reckless party, putting lives in danger.

Look it’s one thing to disagree  It's what America’s all about.  But we are now in a danger zone of complete hatred and chaos unlike anything we've witnessed in American history.

The normalization of calling for the assassination, decapitation or the beating of any president is simply shocking. And it is the extension of this hatred that trickles down and motivates people like the shooter of Congressman Scalise.

That shooter wasn't crazy. That's too easy!

He hated Republicans and thought they should die. He was focused on his targets,  cognizant enough to inquire about the specific party of those baseball players,  his history was that of an individual who hatred President Trump and Republicans and he was no doubt oriented as to person, place and time.

So what am I talking about?

-          A “Shakespeare in the Park” theater production of “Julius Ceaser” where a Donald Trump lookalike is beaten kicked and stabbed to death in front of an audience that waits in line for hours to get in.

-          Just this week Johnny Depp talking about the assassination of President Trump:

-          Kathy Griffin posing with a bloody likeness of the president's head after saying she'd be happy to deliver a beat down to ten year old Barron Trump.

Charlie sheen tweeting that he wishes god would take Donald trump out next.

Mickey Rourke threatening to beat the president with a baseball bat calling him the biggest sc*mbag on the planet.

Broadway actress Patti Lupone -- the subject of our Street Justice segment, saying she would refuse to perform should the president of the United States walk into that theater.  Why?

By the way, notice a theme here? -- They're all has beens.  Of course they're going to stand in the way of progress.  They forgot what it's like to be successful.

The attempted assassination of Congressman Scalise is an example of a base that's been motivated by this hate speech.  An individual who bought the talking points of the violent left.  And make no mistake - there is a cause and effect... A feeling that the actions are justified.  Actions are an extension of verbal hatred.  Courts have held verbal hate speech can be considered an incitement to violence or an incitement to riot.

This is not about free speech.  Everyone on the *right* at least-respects free speech.  No one says you cannot speak freely.  But here is the kicker: there are *consequences*.

I don't see Republicans flipping their lid’s trying to burn down buildings in Ninja outfits when a democrat, progressive or socialist tries to speak.

Real silencing occurs when a Conservative tries to speak at a liberal university like Berkeley and the party of anger and violence acts on their hatred when a police department says we can't protect a Republican speaker.

There's a reason Democrats are in a downward spiral and keep losing. They've lost the last four congressional races since the election of President Trump.  While the president is focused on jobs, the economy and our safety and security, the Democrats keep fighting over bathrooms and "Russian  collusion" that seems more a problem of the Obama administration who ignored it because they were connected to Russia and they figured Hillary would win anyway.  But I digress.

And while they continue to riot and spew their venom, claiming it’s their first amendment right, Americans see this party for what it is.  A party of liberal rage, hatred and intolerance.   A party that like their last candidate for president, has no message, other than calling opponents names like homophobic, xenophobic, racist and deplorable it didn't work in 2016  it isn't working now  and it will never work.

I worry... And you should all worry for our president and all elected officials.

In spite of the kumbaya sung after Congressman Scalise's shooting, a state Democratic official was just caught on tape saying he's glad Scaliest got shot and he wishes he was dead.

The trickling down of hate is a danger to us all.

Adapted from Judge Jeanine Pirro's "Opening Statement" on June 24, 2017.