Phyllis Chesler: Marrying young is like 'living in a Muslim country'

Author Susan Patton sparked controversy in her book “Marry Smart,” claiming college women should spend 75 percent of their time looking for their husband.

Fox News’ Andrea Tantaros spoke to psychologist and author Phyllis Chesler about Patton’s notion of choosing motherhood first.

“This is advice a worried mother gives to a daughter … it’s warm, heartfelt, practical.” Chesler said. “Yes, the biological clock may be ticking, but what happens if you have a wonderful husband and he gets sick, loses his job, or he dies – how are you going to feed yourself and your children?”

Chesler drew comparisons to living in a Muslim country, where women are forced to adhere to strict protocols.

“If you are going to totally be invested in marriage at [a] young age then that’s like living in a Muslim country,” said Chesler.

In her book, “An American Bride in Kabul: A Memoir,” Chesler recounts her marriage to a Muslim man from Afghanistan she met while in college, who subsequently held her captive when they moved to Kabul.

“Here is one personal example … you can follow that kind of advice and things might go wrong,” Chesler said. “If you take this advice [from Patton] to an extreme it looks like fundamentalist Islam – not a good idea.”

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