Surprise! Nevada United States Senator Harry Reid will not run for reelection in 2016.

He has served since January 1987, before that he served in the House of Representatives, as Nevada’s Lt. Governor, as a state legislator, as Chairman of the Nevada Gaming Commission and as City Attorney for the Las Vegas suburb of Henderson, Nevada.

There is one bit of information about Reid that is missing in the mainstream press that Hispanics should know: First-term Harry Reid helped start the evil Hispanic bashing we see today by attacking every Hispanic American citizen born in the United States to an illegally-present parent. Harry Reid helped birth the deleterious label “Anchor Baby.”

His politics were geared to an almost all-White Democrat Nevada voting public that countenanced segregation of Blacks, job discrimination against Blacks to the extent that owners of  Las Vegas gambling would not hire Blacks for any position higher than housekeeping and janitorial work (...) That was Harry Reid’s world.

— Raoul Lowery Contreras

Yes, Harry Reid, who along with Barack Obama destroyed President George W. Bush’s excellent Comprehensive Immigration Reform in 2007; he also destroyed the “Dream Act” that would have made legal kids born here to illegally present parents. It missed becoming law by five Democrat votes. Reid didn’t try to convince them to vote yes.

Before all that, with Hispanics in mind, he attacked the 14th Amendment to the Constitution that grants citizenship to every child born in the United States no matter if parents are legally or illegally present in the United States (unless they are foreign diplomats or invading soldiers).

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His objection was that no child born to illegally present parents should be allowed to be U.S. citizens because the parents were not in the country legally. Most of the subject children are Hispanic.

“All Persons born or naturalized in the United States and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States…” This is the 14th Amendment regarding citizenship that Harry Reid wanted to junk.

Reid’s specious attack was based on the obvious fact of parent’s legality, the claim that the illegal parents were outside the “jurisdiction” the country and that illegals had no legal rights because they were in country without permission. Lastly, Reid and others thought that because illegal’s who had children in the U.S. owed no loyalty to the United States because they were here illegally, their children were outside the “jurisdiction” of the United States.That was Harry Reid, first term United States Senator.

His politics were geared to an almost all-White Democrat Nevada voting public that countenanced segregation of Blacks and job discrimination against Blacks, to the extent that owners of  Las Vegas gambling would not hire Blacks for any position higher than housekeeping and janitorial work. Blacks could not work as dealers, pit bosses, croupiers, casino executives or even front desk clerks. That was Harry Reid’s world.

Hispanics were not numerous in Nevada while Reid was working his way up from City Attorney to U.S. Senator, but then came Las Vegas growth that exploded with the construction of mega-hotels like Bellagio's, MGM Grand and others, each with thousands of employees. Almost all of the Eastside of Las Vegas became Mexico north; in fact, in addition to Mexicans, Central and South America are well represented in Las Vegas, filling thousands of the new jobs created every month and year.

Finally, Harry Reid came around after he destroyed Bush’s immigration reform in 2006-2007. He endorsed Hispanic Catherine Cortez Masto for Nevada Attorney General and she won. The daughter of Las Vegas Strip promoter Manny Cortez, she took her Gonzaga U. law degree to Washington D.C. and worked as a prosecutor in the U.S. Attorney’s office. She came back to be a governor’s Chief of Staff, then on to win the AG office.

AG Cortez Masto indicted sitting Nevada Lt. Governor Brian Kolicki in 2008, when he started making noises of running against a weak Reid in 2010. Politicians rarely run well when under indictment. The (phony?) indictment was thrown out a year later but it kept a popular Lt. Governor from running and allowed a politically unacceptable Sharon Angle to run against and lose to Reid.

Term-limited-out AG Cortez Masto was secretly appointed to a $215,000 job last December as Executive Vice-Chancellor of the University of Nevada’s governing authority — before the University‘s Board of Regents even knew the office was open. Where there any other candidates for the job? Did Harry Reid have anything to do with the appointment?

Lucy Flores was his choice for Lt. Governor in 2014’s Nevada election. Reid did nothing to help her and she lost. He tends to endorse Hispanics with no chance of winning.

Within the past few days, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Inspector General issued a scathing report that Senator Harry Reid personally thrust himself, possibly illegally, into the visa-granting process of DHS by lobbying for permanent visas for wealthy Asians represented by Harry Reid’s lawyer son.

Harry Reid is retiring. If a new Republican Attorney General in 2017 asks a federal grand jury to indict Reid for illegal tampering in the visa process, one will know exactly why he retired. One more thing, he could not beat Hispanic Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval in a million years. Adios, Harry.