On Mother's Day: the things I should have told my mom

Dear Mom,

It’s Mother’s Day, so it is the perfect time to thank you, mom, for all the things you’ve done and taught me these past 45 years.

Thank you mom for having me. It was 1971 and I know it was hard for you and dad to have babies. You had so many countless surgeries just to have a baby. Thank you for all the pain and sadness you went through just so you were able to get pregnant.  Lord knows technology back then was very different from today. Thank you for wanting me and my brother so much. What a gift.

Thank you mom for loving me.  I know your mom died when you were just 12 and you’ve had so much pain in your life. But you never… ever passed any of that pain down to me.  Ever. Thank you.

Thank you mom for teaching me to always find the beauty in people. Always. Even if it’s hard. Find it. And I have.

Thank you mom for worrying. You worried so much about me every day of my life, and it makes me feel safe. Thank you for the security. Thank you for giving me the knowledge someone cares.

Thank you mom for loving my wife as much as I love her. I love when you two smile and laugh together. And gang up on me. It’s beautiful.

Thank you mom for teaching me how important family is. Since you lost your mom and sister at such a young age- you loved on me and my brother extra. And you later accepted dad’s family as your own. And you always cherished time with them. Thank you, because of you, I cherish family so much.

Thank you for loving dad. Seeing how you two were truly meant for each other…seeing how inseparable you two were…seeing how you both always made up after a fight…gave me something to strive for in my marriage. Thank you for being that perfect kind of role model.

Thank you mom for lifting me up when I feel down. Listening to me when I drive everyone else nuts. Taking my calls at 3am when no one else will. Thanks for just listening. Always.

Thank you mom for each and every time I broke a bone or was rushed to the hospital. Each time I was scared, you were there to comfort. Thank you.

Thank you mom, for every single time I got mad at you and yelled at you and hung up on you, for always calling me back, talking things through, and never holding a grudge. Thank you for forgiving me even after I said some really mean things. Thank you for teaching me true, unconditional love.

Thank you mom for teaching me to be a great dad to my boys, and how to be a leader. And most importantly for loving my 3 boys as much as you loved me. Thank you from my heart.

Mom, I had 44 Mother’s Days with you to tell you all these things and so many more.  But I never did.

This Mother’s Day would have been our 45th together but it’s too late to tell you now mom, since you died last year.