Obama's Diluted Theology

In quoting from the Bible in his Inaugural address, President Barack Obama followed on the heels of many Democrats (and some Republicans) who misuse Scripture to make political points.

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Like most Democrats who shoplift faith when it suits them and ignore instruction when it doesn't (on when life begins and marriage are two examples), Obama has ripped Paul's admonition about "thinking and behaving like a child when he was a child" out of context.

In 1 Corinthians 13:11, the full quote is placed among verses that speak of Christ's return to earth and of maturing in the faith -- so that one would see Christ for who He is. A child (in age or a person who has recently been converted) sees Jesus one way. One who has matured in faith sees Him in quite a different way. That is what Paul meant, but Obama misuses the verse to make a political point.

He's not the first to do that. At the 1992 Democratic Convention, Al Gore misquoted Scripture and he bends the Bible to the breaking point in his book, "Earth in the Balance" by saying that the story of Noah and the Ark was an indication of how much God loves animals and that the first instance of "pollution" was when Cain killed his brother, Abel, and Able's blood "cried out from the ground."

And there was also former DNC Chair Howard Dean's laughable line concerning his "favorite New Testament book: Job."

Diluted theology is a tasteless cocktail, worthy of "spewing out" of one's mouth.