In his jobs speech, President Obama displayed the higher level of energy demanded by the left. The speech also had another feature libs had to love: extreme negativity about America.

Obama talked down the nation in ways that were dispiriting and exaggerated. After sketching past eras where “hard work and responsibility paid off,” he said, “If you did the right thing, you could make it -- anybody could make it in America.”

His suggestion that this is no longer the land of opportunity is a steaming pile of manure. Sure, times are tough for many, but to say the basic promise of America has ended is false. Otherwise, why do so many foreigners still come here?

Besides, it’s odd to hear the first black president extol pre-civil-rights days as the golden age.

He praised China for building airports and railroads, and strangely said “it’s an outrage” that “our skies are the most congested in the world,” as though we should build more skies. Hmmm.

He said schools need to be renovated, then offered a wholesale excuse for failure, asking, “How can we expect our kids to do their best in places that are literally falling apart?”

There was the predictable call for tax hikes on oil companies and “millionaires and billionaires,” to which he quickly added the Big Lie: “This isn’t class warfare.” Right.

The president is an unhappy warrior, and going negative against the country is straight out of the ObamaCare playbook. Then he insisted the “system is broken,” even though 85 percent of Americans were satisfied with their health care. He concocted a false story about an insurance company turning down his dying mother for coverage and accused doctors of performing unneeded surgeries out of greed.

Perhaps he would be happier as president of China.

Michael Goodwin is a Fox News contributor and New York Post columnist. To continue reading his column on other topics, including the decade since the 9/11 terror attacks, click here