You should get to know the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).  It is only polite, because the IRS wants to get to know you better.  Much better.  Soon.

If President Obama is re-elected his ObamaCare legislation will continue to go into effect step by step. You already know about the 20 taxes, many conveniently phased in after the 2010 and 2012 elections: The rationing board or IPAB that will decide how much health care older Americans really need; taxes go up on medical devices; If you have a flexible savings account or health savings account, new taxes damage your insurance.

But most Americans are not yet aware of the role the IRS will play in enforcing ObamaCare. Whenever the federal government wants to make us do something the easiest enforcement agency are the nice folks at the IRS and they are preparing the paperwork to police your health care decisions so they fit Washington’s plans.

The mandate with real teeth that will force every American to buy an insurance policy that Uncle Sam approves and mandates begins in 2014.  Safely after the November 6, 2012 election.

One wonders if ObamaCare's mandate is a good idea, why it was delayed? Obama and those Democratic Senators and Congressmen who voted for ObamaCare appear to think you might not be happy with what happens in 2014 and they prefer you come face to face with the non-negotiable mandate after you vote in 2012.

So what does happen in 2014 if Obama wins?  What is he hiding?

To help out American taxpayers who like to be prepared, today Americans for Tax Reform released the projected tax form that will be required of all American citizens not presently in prison.

You can view and print out your projected IRS form at www.ObamacareTaxForm.com.

The Affordable Care Act, aka ObamaCare forces all Americans to buy a health insurance plan deemed “qualified” by the Department of Health and Human Services.  The HHS bureaucracy will decide what your insurance will include. You don’t get to choose. The old slogan that if you liked your health insurance you could keep it was suckers bait and is “no longer operative.”  As they said in "Animal House"—"you screwed up kid, you trusted him."

If you don’t buy the insurance Washington tells you that you have to pay a tax penalty ranging from $695 to $2085 or higher depending on the size of your family.  The dollar amount will grow over time.

So the IRS form will require that you certify that you had Uncle Sam-mandated insurance each and every month of the year. You will have to disclose your personal identifying health ID number, the nature of the insurance and any information from your health insurance card the IRS regulations demand in the future.

Now if you are a prisoner in a federal penitentiary or an undocumented immigrant or a welfare recipient you don’t have to pay the tax penalty.

You might want to print out the form---based on the legislation and congressional testimony where they explained everything ObamaCare will require you and your family to do—to begin the process of reporting everything to Washington. You will note that because an estimated 6 million Americans will be forced to pay the tax as they are unable or unwilling to buy the health insurance demanded by the federal government, they will find that penalties and interest payments will pile up over time.

It is best to prepare now to save up to pay these taxes and to open your personal health ID information to be shared with the nice government workers at the IRS.  They are just doing what the law commands.  And we will have to also.

Or you could vote in such a way that the IRS forms will go into the dustbin of history.

Grover Norquist is president of Americans for Tax Reform. For more visit www.atr.org.