It is time to “out” President Obama.

Mr. President, it is you—not Mitt Romney—who is out of touch with the American people and with what our country needs.

You are outraged at the charge that your White House leaks national security secrets while you stake out a claim of executive privilege, to keep White House communications secret on “Fast and Furious”—the American people smell a cop out or two somewhere in that mix.

You are never out of excuses—blaming others for our anemic recovery—while we are out of patience, frustrated with your mishandling of the economy.

You are out partying at Hollywood fundraisers while millions of people are out of work.

Your spending is out of control while taxpayers are out ever more money to fund your bailouts and handouts for special interests that are special to you.

You have an out of whack belief that “the private sector is doing fine” while we recoil at your outlandish idea to throw more money at the public sector—big government.

You are out in the open—dividing people by race, income, and deeply held religious and moral beliefs—while most Americans strive to bring out the best in themselves and their neighbors.

Your ObamaCare outsources our health care to government bureaucrats while it leaves us out of pocket, out of choices for our treatments and doctors, and out of incentives to develop new drugs and other medical innovations.

You’ve gone out of your way to antagonize allies like Israel and to appease adversaries like Russia, while most of us see this as out and out betrayals.

You keep going further out on a limb with your extremism on the environment and limiting the uses of energy like oil and coal while ignoring our concerns about being out of power and out in the cold.

You are out campaigning about how in touch you are with us while we see you as out of your depth in leadership, out in left field in your policies and, hopefully, out of your office in November.

Communications consultant Jon Kraushar is at www.jonkraushar.net.