Newt Gingrich could very well be the GOP nominee for one very simple reason: He doesn't give a damn. He doesn't care what the media says about his campaign. He doesn't care that you shouldn't say Barney Frank should be arrested. He doesn't mind telling a CBS debate moderator he's allegedly lying. He couldn't give a flying fill-in-the-blank!

I've been saying for more than a year that the person who defeats the billion dollar democrat will not do it with great speeches or flashy ad campaigns or by delivering a glib line on Jay Leno's couch. It's not going to be about with whom the voters want to have that proverbial beer. The person who defeats Barack Obama will do so in the debates.

In order to defeat Obama in the debates, the GOP nominee must be willing to stand at a podium on national television and do the following two things over and over: Tell the truth about the president and force him to run on his record.

It will fall upon the Republican nominee to force Obama to once and for all enlighten us about the many years of his academic life which have been happily redacted by the leftist media; to tell the world who he socialized with and to whom he was drawn ideologically.

The nominee must make Obama run against the nominee and not Congress, banks and so many fat cats. The nominee must use words like redistribution, apologist, transparency, mandate, fast, furious, socialism, division and class warfare. The nominee must make the president refute these words with facts, not rhetoric. The nominee will have to chant 'jobs-jobs-jobs' like a eastern chant, and remind people of the president's description of middle America as 'clingers.'

This strategy will no doubt bring a chorus of name-calling and cries of racism from the leftist megaphone which is the mainstream media. The nominee will have to be willing to withstand the name calling, personal attacks and hate which will blow in from the left like a liberal typhoon.

Newt could do all of that, because he's smart enough, he debates better than any republican on the planet and it appears he cares enough about America to not give a damn.

T.J. McCormack, the conservative everyman, is a comedian, radio talk show host and commentator. Follow him on Twitter @TJMcCormack.