On the Kagan nomination, its hard for me to stay fair and balanced. Why? I've been a guest in her home many times when teaching and lecturing at Harvard Law School (my alma mater), and I found her to be an absolute gem. The Harvard Law School faculty is a contentious one, filled with large egos. Elena, the first female Dean of the Law School ran it with grace and clarity of judgment, from what I heard and observed.

A little known fact: she would have poker parties in her home, bringing together both liberal and conservative minded professors to hash out their differences over a friendly (if competitive) game.

She loves the opera, so much so that the faculty awarded her with season tickets to the Washington, D.C. opera when she left to Harvard to become President Obama's Solicitor General.

Some will question her lack of judicial experience, but that perceived prerequiste is relatively new...don't forget Justice Warren (of the Warren court) was never a judge before ascending to the Court.

At Harvard, she was known as an avid listener, who could get to the heart of the matter with a measure of both logical analysis and compassion. Sound like excellent qualifications to me.

Lis Wiehl is a Fox News legal analyst and a former federal prosecutor. She is also author of the new book, "Hand of Fate: A Triple Threat Novel." 

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