I keep hearing Ted Cruz conservatives dissing Donald Trump. I keep seeing the idiotic slogan #NeverTrump. I have a message for all of you: Stop your whining and childish hissy fits. Stop the distortions of Trump’s record. Of course Trump is better than Hillary. Of course all Republicans need to unite behind Trump. Of course he’s a conservative. I’ll prove it to you.

I’m one of you. I’m a true-blue lifelong conservative patriot. I’ve been a “Cruz conservative” my whole life. Except in my day it was called “Reagan conservative.”

My conservative credentials cannot be challenged. My parents were among the founders of the famous New York State conservative Party. My political career began at age 3 handing out literature for Barry Goldwater. I spent my youth working on political campaigns for victorious conservative heroes like U.S. Senator James Buckley, U.S. Senator Alphonse D’Amato and President Ronald Reagan. I represented Reagan in the campus Presidential debate at Columbia University. I’ve sacrificed my TV career being an outspoken conservative in Hollywood. My conservative beliefs have cost me millions of dollars.

Enough credentials and credibility for you?

So are you ready for my takeaway of all this?

1. Trump isn’t just conservative. On important issues, he’s the most conservative Presidential candidate since Ronald Reagan.

2. Trump is the perfect candidate to lead the conservative movement.

3. Trump is our generation’s Reagan.

How do I come to these conclusions?

First, remember the famous saying “the enemy of my enemy is my friend.” Please stop saying Trump isn’t a conservative. He may not be a “pure” or perfect conservative. On that I agree. But his views on the important issues of our day drive liberals into fits of rage and insanity.

Being Jewish, Ivy League educated and in the television and entertainment industries my whole life, I know a thing or two about liberals. I’ve spent my whole life in liberal circles: Manhattan, Malibu, Hollywood, Columbia and Harvard. The last person I saw despised this much by liberals was Ronald Reagan. The similarities are remarkable. My hero Reagan drove liberals batty. He drove them into fits of apoplectic rage. Today I see the same reaction to Trump.

Liberals hate Trump with such rage that they want to hurt him. They want to ruin him. They even openly want to see him assassinated. Or haven’t you seen the thousands of online and social media comments from liberals hoping Trump gets shot? Or haven’t you seen the cemetery headstone “R.I.P. Donald Trump” put up in New York’s Central Park?

Liberals call Trump the same names and descriptions as they used to call Reagan. They say he’s an intellectual lightweight, clown, racist, extreme, stupid, ignorant, unqualified to be President, and of course, we can never allow his finger near the nuclear button. Don’t forget “Hitler and Nazi.” The exact same words that my ultra-liberal classmates at Columbia used to describe Reagan.

So I ask you fellow conservatives…isn’t this a good sign? Shouldn’t you like the guy that liberals hate? If they think Trump is a terrible person and bad for America, shouldn’t you embrace him?

If liberals despise Trump so much they are threatening to leave for Canada, shouldn’t we all thank God for Trump and offer to pay for their plane tickets?

“The enemy of my enemy is my friend.”

You may think Trump is not a conservative, but liberals are certain he’s their enemy. They're sure certain he’s a conservative. They’re certain he’s the worst thing since Reagan. That makes Trump my hero. That makes Trump one of my favorite conservative candidates of all time!

Secondly, I agree Trump is not a pure or traditional conservative. That’s why he can win this election vs Hillary Clinton. Again, this is where Trump intersects with Reagan. Reagan was an entertainer, showman and communicator, more than a conservative. Trump is the perfect mix to win this election- entertainer, showman, businessman, celebrity, reality TV star and our very own “American Idol.” He’s exactly what the doctor ordered for conservatives. A pure conservative position on every issue is never going to win national elections in today’s America. We need a conservative, mixed with populist and economic nationalist- always America first, presented  in a fun, entertaining way. That’s Trump.

Lastly we come to issues. I care about seven of them above all else. These are the seven issues that can instantly save America, capitalism, the U.S. economy and the middle class. Everything and anything else is a distraction, all other issues must be put on the back-burner. On these seven issues, Trump is as conservative as any candidate in modern history!

These are the seven issues that matter above all others to this conservative and capitalist evangelist:

1. Taxes. Trump’s flat tax plan lowers tax rates even lower than Reagan. FANTASTIC! PASSES THE CONSERVATIVE TEST.

2. Regulations. As a businessman I think regulations are even worse than taxes. Our entire economy and middle class jobs have been decimated by Obama’s regulations. Trump is a businessman. He hates regulations. He’ll dramatically reduce and cut regulations and regulatory agencies (like the EPA)  in order to get the economy moving again. FANTASTIC! PASSES THE CONSERVATIVE TEST.

3. ObamaCare. Trump wants to repeal and replace Obamacare and give Americans more health freedom. FANTASTIC! PASSES THE CONSERVATIVE TEST.

4. Build the wall, secure the border and end sanctuary cities. Need I say more- this is Trump’s signature issue. His views on illegal immigration define perfection. If he does nothing as president but stop the flow of illegal immigration, he’ll be remembered as an American hero. Just this one point can save the American economy from bankruptcy, ruin and crippling debt crisis. FANTASTIC! PASSES THE CONSERVATIVE TEST.

5. Stop the insanity of allowing in thousands of Syrian refugees and Muslim migrants. Why is this so important? So that we don’t become the EU- bankrupt, suffering crime and rape epidemics, and experiencing nonstop terrorist attacks. This view isn’t just conservative- it’s commonsense and self-preservation. FANTASTIC! PASSES THE CONSERVATIVE TEST.

6. Always “America First.” Every single policy- domestic, foreign, trade and immigration- should be based on what’s best for America, American citizens, American taxpayers, and American jobs. I’ve waited my entire life to hear these words come out of a potential president’s mouth. The only job of an American president is to take care of America and Americans first, second, third and forever. How can you get more patriotic or conservative than that? FANTASTIC! PASSES THE CONSERVATIVE TEST.

7. Investigate and prosecute politicians who commit crimes against the American people. What if the only thing Trump accomplishes is clean up the D.C. cesspool, hold politicians accountable and bring criminals to justice? What if he sends Hillary to prison for her crimes? What if he prosecutes top IRS officials who targeted and persecuted conservatives? What if he prosecutes Obama’s bundler Jon Corzine? What if he prosecutes everyone involved with the fraud of Obamacare? You mean that alone isn’t worth the price of admission? FANTASTIC! PASSES THE CONSERVATIVE TEST.

Yes, folks Donald Trump is a conservative. No, not a pure or perfect conservative. But on the issues that count most, he’ll be the most conservative president since Reagan.

How can I be so sure? Just mention Trump’s name to any liberal and watch their reaction.

So yes, I have a message for all Republicans and conservatives. Stop listening to the whiners, complainers and sore losers. Stop listening to establishment big shots angry that GOP voters told them to “shove it where the sun don’t shine.” Stop listening to consultants, strategists, lobbyists and donors angry that Trump has left them out of the game.

Listen to me carefully Republicans...

If you don't vote for Trump, you should never be trusted again.