Political junkies are still laughing at little-known, little-watched MSNBC host Alex Wagner’s Oct. 17 appearance talking with comedian Conan O’Brien. In Wagner’s mind (Do MSNBC hosts actually have those?), Obama isn’t a typical politician. He’s running for office as a “higher calling.”

Romney, oft-reviled by nearly every drone taking an MSDNC paycheck, is just a guy following in his daddy’s footsteps doing “the next thing he should be doing with his life.”

News junkies were baffled by her conclusion. By “higher calling,” did she mean the Democratic attacks on Romney’s faith, the class warfare or the race-baiting? Or was she revering the president on the level of Newsweek (remember them?) Editor Evan Thomas, who once said Obama was “sort of God?”

Most likely, even Wagner had no idea. Pretty much every sentence most MSNBCers spew is just a rationalization for Obama’s tingly greatness or Romney’s inherent evil.

Wagner, to those who don’t watch her (and we're talking about roughly 307.7 million of the 308 million people in this country, has a laughably predictable liberal resume. She was Cultural Correspondent or as Elle described her "Minister of Culture" (Wow, that sounds Soviet, doesn't it?) for the Soros-funded Center for American Progress. She has also been a writer for Huffington Post and ran the advocacy group Not On Our Watch, which was founded by liberal Hollywood actors George Clooney, Matt Damon, Brad Pitt and Don Cheadle.

Perhaps if Obama has some added free time after November, Wagner can help him toward the ultimate "higher calling" -- a job as an MSNBC host.