Mr. Trump, you must lead on tax cuts or Congress is useless

Mr. President,

You were elected as an outsider who would do what is right for the American people against a system that is rigged to do what is wrong.

If you follow Congress’ lead on tax cuts, your economic agenda is on the road to destruction. The base, which is already treated like a perpetual headache by GOP leadership, will not tolerate this Congress blowing it again on a major election promise.

President Trump, your domestic agenda now stands at a crossroads. Which direction you take will be of significant consequence for the Republican Party, the country and the future of your administration.

But it will be up to you to take the lead. Strong and effective leadership is precisely what is called for right now.

In your Contract with the American Voter, you promised ‘massive tax reduction and simplification’ which would grow the economy 4 percent per year and create at least 25 million new jobs.

Keeping this pledge of tax cuts to the American people is critical. Individuals and families need the relief and the economy needs the boost. But the GOP leadership’s disastrous handling of the health care bill should lower all expectations that this Congress is capable of carry tax cuts across the finish line.  

GOP leaders aren’t repealing and replacing ObamaCare, the right way, as they promised the American people over countless election cycles; they are going to keep Chuck Schumer happy and leave out your border wall in their upcoming spending bill; and now they are dilly-dallying on a ‘once in a generation’ tax reform package.

The embarrassing Republican plan kept the worst parts of ObamaCare and did little to address those who are currently being hurt by astronomical premiums due to the Democrats radical restructuring of American healthcare.

We’ve seen this movie countless times, having locked horns with Congressional leadership while you were running your business and Vice President Pence was running Indiana.

Believe us when we tell you: it was like pulling teeth getting this Congress to do anything the grassroots elected them to do, even when leadership made sure that no matter what they did, it wouldn’t matter.

Remember, most members of Congress avoided you like the plague, convinced you were going to lose the election. Their stunning lack of political acumen ensured they weren’t ready for your aggressive approach, and gives them no currency in the debates ahead.

Speaker Ryan and his colleagues are now kicking the tax reform can down the road to God only knows when and with who knows what type of bill.

If a governing Republican Party cannot give much needed tax cuts for the American people, then this Congress is as useless as a three-dollar bill.

Right now Congress is embarking on recess having accomplished practically nothing for your agenda.  It is now up to you President Trump to steer the ship.

If you want to follow through on your promise to make ‘massive’ tax cuts, go it alone. Take the lead on authoring the plan and sell it directly to the American people.

Together, you and the American people put pressure on Congress to get your agenda back on track.

Don’t outsource tax cuts to a liberal Congress. Make Congress follow the White House’s lead on delivering tax cuts to the American people.

Mr. President: You didn’t just inherit a mess. You inherited a useless Congress. That is why you must lead and they must follow. It’s the only way.