Miss USA Flap -- How About Keeping God OUT of Politics?

The furor over the anti-gay marriage comments made by Miss California, who was competing in the Miss USA contest were both unnecessary and inflammatory. It reminded me of a former gay-bashing beauty contestant, Anita Bryant. The less than brilliant Bryant traveled the country in the '70's spewing hatred towards gays by her hateful speech and support of anti-gay referendums.

I don't know where this woman is now or if she is still alive but her sentiments certainly are among those felt by a minority of Americans who apparently don't believe the Constitution of the United States provides for civil liberties for all our people. Some opponents of gay marriage love to quote the Bible as an anti-gay source.

I am a Christian, read the Bible daily, and attend church at least once a week (hard for some of you wingers to believe, isn't it, that there are born-again Christians who happen to be liberals). I do not believe our Savior would have spoken out in favor of anti-gay referendums. "Give onto Caesar what is Caesar's."

How about being Good Samaritans and keeping God out of politics?

Having said that, I am appalled that the question was raised at all. Given the fact that the questioner, celebrity blogger Perez Hilton, is gay makes it appear that he is injecting his own politics into what is after all just a beauty contest. It's time to cool the rhetoric on both sides on the gay marriage issue and leave it to state legislatures and the courts which is where the debate belongs.