Michelle Obama did a great job of selling her own candidacy for First Lady, but she was less successful in pushing her husband’s candidacy.  Unfortunately for her, there is no separate election for First Lady.  You’re part of a ticket.

Her comments about her own story and her own values were moving.  She clearly articulated her own values and convincingly rehabilitated her image from the days when she said she was never proud of America.  She mobilized the crowd and turned them on.  She really galvanized the crowd with her energy.  But does she have a relevance to the election?  Does she produce votes for Barack?  I doubt it.

Overall, the subtext of the Democratic Convention is: Who will you believe, us or your own eyes?  While all around us we see high unemployment, stagnant job growth, and rising debt, the Convention actually believes that we can be persuaded that things are better than they were four years ago.  LOL  Lots of luck.

The facts of our economy are stubborn things.  And the Democrats are doing all they can to distract us from them and entice us to believe in something that is not there.

Each speaker came up and stumbled around trying to convince us of the improbable contention on which the convention is based.

The keynote address by Mayor Castro of San Antonio was also compelling.  But again, it was more about himself and his story than about the president and his program.

Every speaker does fine until they start to push their view of an improving economy.  It just rings so hollow when they try, they would do better to leave it alone.

The Obamas attempt to introduce themselves as poor people who raised themselves up, she tries to contrast it with Romney’s familial wealth.  Effective, but irrelevant to our concerns as we face the recession.

Typical of the Democratic problem is the focus on “equal pay for equal work.”  Okay. We’re for it.  But you need work to get the equal pay in the first place.

Dick Morris is a Fox News contributor.