Now that the elections are over the real work begins. My father, Ronald Reagan, warned us decades ago about “socialized medicine”. His words are as true today as they were in 1964.

If given the chance, he said then, the American people would reject a government take over of medicine and, by nearly every poll result, we did.

But Congress and the White House ran right over the will of the American people and enacted a takeover of a huge segment of our private economy. This is not the America directed by its citizens upon which our nation was founded. Instead, we have been misled, bamboozled and treated with utter contempt by elected officials drunk on power. Even faithful representation has been ignored:

- We were promised the health care act would not increase private insurance premiums or taxes but premium increases have already begun and new taxes are on the way.

- We were promised that senior citizens would not be harmed but with $500 billion in cuts to Medicare (to achieve patently phony “savings”), that cannot be true either and the elderly know it and now fear the future.

- It was promised that this legislation would finally control escalating health care costs but we got the opposite of cost controls. Without such controls, Congress has engineered increased demand against a finite supply of doctors and hospitals—a virtual guarantee that both the national debt and household bills will skyrocket.

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi was even caught on tape telling a roomful of San Francisco musicians that instead of worrying about finding gainful employment, they should pursue their artistic ambitions--because working Americans would be paying for their healthcare.

With nearly half of the country paying no income taxes, liberal politicians have calculated they can be elected forever with the votes of those who contribute little to the common good but who are given the fruits of the labors of those who do work.

This is what was meant when former White House chief of staff Rahm Emanuel arrogantly mused that the opportunities presented by the economic hardships facing the American people should not be “wasted.”

The health care law is a blatant attempt to restructure the political landscape to produce more of those who are dependent on redistribution of wealth and subservient to government benefactors. The problem being, of course, that we have run out of taxpayer money to give away and now we must borrow huge sums from overseas to satisfy this cynically false and inherently destructive promise.

For the good of the nation it will, as usual, fall to those who actually fight our wars, invent technology, grow our businesses and raise our next generations—average Americans from coast to coast—to undo the damage created by those who, most commonly, have never balanced business books, created any new business, served in the military or struggled to put food on the table—in other words, the political elite.

Only the American people have the combined clout to reverse the destructive course our leaders have set us on and, not a moment too soon, it’s about to happen.

Those who ran over the American people to enact Obamacare have been reminded this week about who really has the last word on American policy and politics. Here’s a hint—they don’t live in Washington, D.C.

As my father predicted, given the chance, the American people will reject socialized medicine.

The first order of business with our new Congress must be repeal of this assault on our economy and our own pocketbooks, preserving the proper relationship between doctors and patients and reviving the very idea of majority rule. If there is an impasse then the American people will resolve it in favor of the American people.

The rise of the Tea Parties, the growing number of independent voters and the rejection in one contest after another of political seats that “belong” to any party or political dynasty are evidence that the sleeping “silent majority” has awoken and is not happy with Washington's insider dealings, phony accounting, and cavalier attitudes toward the will of the people.

Michael Reagan, the eldest son of Ronald Reagan, is leading the charge to repeal Obamacare at RepealHealthCareAct.org. He is chairman and founder of The Reagan Group, The Reagan Legacy Foundation and The Reagan Report.