Michael Goodwin: Trump may be right about immigration – but the pictures are stronger than any words

In his spirited defense Tuesday of his immigration policies, President Trump was right about many things, including that America must control its borders and that Democrats have zero interest in stemming illegal crossings.

With immigration bills taking shape in the House, the president insisted, “We have one chance to get it right.”

This is an image-driven stampede of public opinion, and there is little chance to convince even the most open-minded Americans that the current situation is good or necessary.

Yet as he spoke, most of the media continued to exhibit a heightened zeal for the story of children being separated from their parents. The wall-to-wall coverage didn’t vary and wasn’t nuanced — Trump and his team are cruelly breaking up families and terrifying innocent children.

That fixation gives the far-left peanut gallery — the Chelsea Handler types — the license to trot out their ever-ready Hitler/Nazi comparisons. Even some commentators who usually know better, like retired Gen. Michael Hayden, went down that dark road, revealing more about their own simplistic thinking than the actual policy.

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