At least Eric Holder is consistent. Each time President Obama goes to Asia, the attorney general pipes up about a 9/11 trial.

Last week, with Obama in South Korea and Indonesia, Holder said, "We are close to a decision." A year ago, in November 2009, with Obama in China and South Korea, Holder first announced plans for a civilian trial in lower Manhattan.

The timing is no coincidence. A civilian trial for Khalid Sheik Mohammed is as popular as a root canal. Yet Holder can't let go, once telling a reporter the trial would be "the defining event of my time as attorney general."

He got that right, though not in the way he hoped. His fixation marks him as an arrogant ideologue, and weasely enough to bring up the subject only when Obama is abroad.

It's a foolish quest. A civilian trial for the man who plotted the worst attacks in American history couldn't pass when Dems controlled Congress and doesn't have a prayer with the GOP running the House.

Even liberal New York is against it, with new Gov. Andrew Cuomo joining Mayor Bloomberg, Sen. Chuck Schumer and Police Commissioner Ray Kelly.

In fact, Holder better gird himself for a grilling. Republican Pete King, new head of the House Homeland Security Committee, promises to hold hearings on a KSM trial along with the plan to close Gitmo -- both of which King opposes.

But to get the truth out of Holder, King better wait until Obama goes to Asia again.

Michael Goodwin is a New York Post columnist and Fox News contributor. To continue reading his column, click here.