It was the b.s. spread 'round the Beltway. "We get it," declared Joe Biden. "We understand why they're angry."

The vice president then promptly demonstrated he didn't get it at all or understand a single thing about American discontent. With his next breath, he said the answer to fixing Washington was to get "the other team to cooperate."

He wants Republicans to act more like Democrats. Yikes.

It's a tired talking point, but the White House intends to keep repeating it ad nauseam. It holds that Republicans are the party of "no" and that's why government doesn't work.

Wrong answer.

These days, no is usually the right answer.

No to more spending.

No to more taxes.

No to more deficits.

No, no, no to the health care monstrosity.

The real problem is that Democrats never say no. They're hot for every government program, and their lust is running amok since they got the power.

They've said yes to every cockeyed idea to come down the pike for the last 14 months, and it's driving the country crazy and into the ditch. The public gets it. It gets that somebody has to say no and that the White House and Dems in Congress won't.

They're so into "yes," they actually claim the stimulus is working. It's a laugher that puts them in sync with a minuscule slice of the public that agrees the $800 billion pork-fest created or saved 2 million jobs.

It's simple. Americans aren't buying what the White House is selling.

Get it, Joe. Or get lost.

Michael Goodwin is a New York Post columnist and a Fox News contributor.

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