The truce is holding so far between Israel and the Hamas terrorists who are in charge of the Gaza Strip. But Hamas has already warned the peace is only temporary and more rockets will head to both Israel’s major cities. Following the fighting, five nations are upset that Israel has announced plans to expand West Bank settlements, further unsettling the peace.

The Israeli response in Gaza came after months and months of regular rocket attacks – more than 1,000 in 2012 alone. Rather than take the Israeli side or even be neutral, major news outlets sided with Hamas. The irony of that is the news media took the exact opposite position from the one famed journalist Edward R. Murrow took when English civilians were bombarded by rockets during WWII.

In November of 1944, Murrow broadcast about the V-2 rocket attacks and called out Germany’s “malignant ingenuity” for creating the 1-ton flying bombs. He explained that the attacks were “clearly audible over a distance of 15 miles” and that the Germans had “scored some lucky and tragic hits.”

“German science has again demonstrated a malignant ingenuity which is not likely to be forgotten when it comes time to establish controls over German scientific and industrial research,” Murrow said.

This is an important point of view to recall since the current lack of violence is viewed as short term by Hamas. According to NBC “Nightly News” Nov. 22, Hamas credits its rocket attacks on Tel Aviv for forcing the truce and “vowed that more would fly,” according to correspondent Richard Engel. According to Engel, the long-range rockets could be traced to America’s enemy Iran and that “Iran hinted it supplied the technology.” Hamas actually thanked Iran’s terrorist regime for weapons and financing.

Imagine how the iconic broadcaster would have reacted as a known anti-American terrorist group attacked one of our allies with an endless rocket assault. Perhaps he might have been more honest than most in the major media and at least admitted Hamas members were terrorists. That alone would be a good start before Israel gets attacked once more.