Love is... We asked, you answered

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Love is… something different for each one of us.

And, as Valentine's Day approaches, we wanted to know what "love is" to you, our audience.

Your responses touch the heart, and we'd like to share a few — with more to come on Sunday.

Like this one, from Wendy:

I just happened to read your article asking what love is. It really made me wonder what love is to me. 

Right now the answer comes easily. My husband is a Marine. He has just returned from his fourth deployment. 

Love is standing at the airport with your four little boys watching for your Marine to get off a plane holding the biggest sign you could get past security.

Love is waiting behind while they go to fight and putting the pieces of your children's hearts back together because they are too young to understand words like "Islamic terrorists" or "ISIS." 

Love is leaving your family behind for another year not knowing how you will stand being away from them again, but also knowing that someone has to do it.

Love is that first hug back, that first kiss, the question of my 5-year-old asking, "Is that my daddy," and the feeling that my family is once again whole.

Love is God's hand keeping him safe and bringing him home because he knows nothing is complete without him. 

Love is taken so easily for granted. Once we have it we are lulled into feeling that it will always be there... until it's not. 

Love is never forgetting how hard we fought to get it, nor how easily it is to loose. 

Love like it may be your last day with them and you will realize that the little things don't matter.

And this from Donna: LOVE IS remembering the GOOD when its BAD, taking care of each other through sickness (my husband just had open heart surgery), through heartache or loss, and being there for each other…  LOVE IS RESPECT, CARING AND TRUST..   LOVE THEM LIKE YOU WANT TO BE LOVED..  WE LOVE OUR CHILDREN AND GRANDCHILDREN, THAT IS WHAT MAKES US FAMILY!

And this simple but powerful response from Sharon: Love is putting others before yourself.

So, we want to thank you, our readers and viewers, for sharing what "love is" to you, and wish you all a Happy Valentine's Day, from If you would like to share your thoughts on love, click here.