Liz Peek: It's time to stop apologizing, America. The endless apologies are wearing us out

America: stop apologizing! Stop apologizing for being successful, for believing in God, for loving your country, for respecting your rivals, for everything you did or said when you were a teenager, for speaking your mind and – for apologizing. Stop cowering before the radical correctness police whose legitimacy depends on depicting our nation as a cesspool of racism and inequity.

Stop, for God’s sake, trying to be “woke” when you have no idea what that actually means.

This groveling needs to stop. It conflates genuine misdeeds with thoughtless wanderings and promotes self-appointed morality guardians to a prominence they crave but do not deserve. Worse, most apologies demanded by the political correctness regulators prove useless. They do not want remorse; they want attention.


The shaming of our nation does not discriminate. People on the left are just as vulnerable to attack as those on the right. Possibly more so since the ideological straightjacket is that much more confining.

Beto O’Rourke, in the opening moments of his campaign for president, is in the odd position of apologizing for being a white male and, at the same time, for “Hispandering” by appropriating a Latino nickname. He should instead apologize for having the temerity to run with a resume as thin as a page torn from Vanity Fair.

Joe Biden had to apologize for saying Mike Pence, whom he knows well, is a “decent guy.” Apparently, someone with deep religious convictions cannot be a decent guy.

CNN’s Chris Cuomo had to apologize for questioning whether Sen. Kamala Harris, D. Calif., was eligible to run for president, given her parents’ immigration status. For her part, Harris has had to apologize for being tough on crime when she was California’s attorney general when it was arguably her job to be tough on crime.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., has been made to apologize for claiming Native American heritage in order to advance her career. Well, really, she should. Often.

Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, D-N.Y., has had to apologize for her previous stance on immigration, which was not, according to the junior senator from New York, sufficiently “empathetic.” By way of penance, she has now joined the chorus calling for the abolition of ICE, even as hundreds of thousands are expected to enter the country illegally this year. She knows better.

Politicians who condemned Minnesota Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar’s anti-Israel remarks as anti-Semitic should apologize, according to fellow Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib, D-Mich. She told CNN’s Jake Tapper that those criticisms were fueled by Islamophobia.

The endless apologies (and those are just examples on the left; people on the right have to apologize for their very existence) are wearing us out. Men everywhere are sorry for decades-old locker room comments or for remarks made in jest, which do not meet today’s uber-sensitive standards. They have to apologize for having a Y chromosome.

Well-meaning people in the United States are shocked to find themselves playing defense, having to defend capitalism, the Constitution, investing, the Electoral College, religion, ambition, and our way of life.

Why all this groveling? You can thank today’s social media warriors, who happily crush anyone challenging today’s liberal playbook. If you don’t think climate change is an existential threat, likely to kill us all in 12 years, you are an idiot. Worse, you are a pawn of the hydrocarbon-using meat-eating-cow-farting- industrial complex, satisfying your appetites at the expense of the universe.

Well-meaning people in the United States are shocked to find themselves playing defense, having to defend capitalism, the Constitution, investing, the Electoral College, religion, ambition, and our way of life.

If you don’t agree that the United States systematically discriminates against women, you are anti-women. There is no middle ground.

If you don’t think the United States is racist, you are in denial. Or, more likely, you are racist yourself.

If you disagree with O'Rourke, and don’t think that capitalism is “unfair, unjust and racist”, as he recently described it, you are a pig. (Capitalism, it must be said, has treated O'Rourke pretty well. The candidate is said to be worth more than $9 million.)

It is time for Americans to stand up to the continued shaming. Fox News host Tucker Carlson recently did just that, refusing to apologize for inappropriate remarks made years ago. Guess what? It worked. The penitence mob moved on. There’s a lesson there.

The University of Wyoming stood out recently for defending its new fund-raising efforts. The campaign slogan which has, of course, drawn criticism, is: “The world needs more cowboys.”


The school’s communications director explained that the campaign sought to redefine the word “cowboy” so as to be inclusive. “We’re casting it so that it’s not gender-specific,” Chad Baldwin said to a local newspaper. “It’s not at all exclusionary. It’s the spirit of the cowboy that we all kind of share in. So, we’re basically throwing away the old stereotypes and updating what it means to be a cowboy and what it looks like. A cowboy is not what you are, but who you are.”

My view? The world really does need more cowboys.