Live From a Tea Party

By Peter RoffFellow, Institute for Liberty / Former Senior Political Writer, United Press International

Editor's note: Sent to the Forum at 12:20pm ET.

I'm at Lafayette Park [in Washington, D.C.], the rain is starting to come down hard now but it's not dampening anyone's enthusiasm. Despite the fact that the Secret Service lifted the permit for the demonstration in front of the U.S. Treasury, the crowd has shifted to Lafayette Park where ordinary citizens have taken to the microphone to send a message to the Obama administration that they've had enough of the taxing, spending and the borrowing and the mortgaging of their children's future. People are here from 9 to 90. Seniors, families, folks in coat and tie, folks in just regular ordinary clothes. Carrying signs, some of them wrapped in plastic. The rain is really coming down now. But it doesn't look like anybody's leaving, they're just huddling closer under their umbrellas.