As seen on Fox News Channel's "Happening Now" on June 4:


The president,  as one of my former White House colleagues observed, has spent more time on the golf course since the oil spill occurred than he's spent on the Gulf coast.

The CBS News/NYTimes poll came out today. [It finds that] 38% approve, 45% disapprove of his handling of the spill. And 63% of the American people thought the president and his administration should be doing more to confront the oil spill.

They should have been ahead of it more than they have been. It has taken them too long to respond to critical requests from the state of Louisiana and from local officials on vital issues like building temporary islands to block the flow of oil into the wetlands and the marshes. [And] mobilizing resources two weeks ago when it was starting to approach the coast. The administration is moving slow.

Now they have outsourced the control of what actually is being done to contain the oil spill to BP. And let's acknowledge that that's what they've been doing. And frankly it may now work. The BP plan appears to be able to siphon off a significant amount of this oil perhaps buying some time until those relief wells have been drilled.

The administration had no plans for dealing with this, they've outsourced it to BP and that probably was legitimate. But let's not kid ourselves that the president was in control of this.